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Doctors, Nurses, Lay Staff, Clergy

Yoro Missions - Honduras 2006-2019

In 2006, the Consul, while approving the importing of our medicines, asked us to visit his home town of Yoro. No “Medical Brigade” had been there. Fr. Emil Cook, who was long experienced in Honduras, gave us a bus and driver, and his mission doctor to help the lone American MD. However, three months prior to our arrival, a deluge washed out the bridge and part of the road to Yoro!

As the time for our arrival came and passed, Fr. John Willmering,SJ, was broadcasting our coming on the Yoro Catholic radio station. Finally, three days late, the river was low enough for us to drive across. At noon, we arrived in Yoro, to a crowd of 1,000+, who were eager. Seeing the situation, a local Physician, Dr. Cesar Aguilar, closed his office, as did the doctor fiancee of an American Peace Corps volunteer. We saw 300 people before darkness forced our shut down.

We had to come back. We did, with four American doctors, and local physicians, this time feted by the local TV station. Presently, thirteen years later, we have forged a strong relationship. This was evinced in this year's 4 clinics, in which we averaged over 750 people daily; commencing with tiny Alta Cruz Jocon village, where we saw some 836 people. People walked for hours for medical attention. We had 8 U.S. doctors plus local physicians and a local pharmacist. We thank God that we are able to show them our love through our care.

During our Brigades, we give reading glasses, and provide fluoride treatments, as well as assessing patient's medical conditions, providing medicines and extracting teeth. All done at no charge to the patient. We also support a Yoro parish Honduran clinic as well as one in Michelina village, in the northwest.